The Great Wall of China – 万里长城


The Great wall , or better    长城   in traditional Chinese is the most known ancient masterpiece of China.

Impressive. Vast. Grand. Magnificent are the adjectives evocated by my mind when thinking back to this place.

The word is formed by two characters: 长 chang (long) + 城 cheng (wall) . If you are already familiar with Chinese Mandarin writing , an easy way to remember the new character “chang” is by rotating the character 不 bu (not) of 90anticlockwise. It is still not quite the same, although close enough to remember its meaning.

The Great Wall is one of the so called: New 7 wonders of the world.

The wall extends for over 8,850 km although new parts are still being discovered nowadays. It was built during the dynasties Qin and Ming, more than 2000 years ago (251 BC).

It is made entirely in stone and rocks, and it lies along the peaks of wonderful green mountains. Like the grass that grows on the ground, the wall perfectly adapts to the curves of the mountains, giving a feeling of eternal continuity…


Huanghuacheng, is one of the best sections of the wall to explore. It’s more wild and less touristic.  75km away form Beijing