Cercedilla is more than a breath of fresh air.

At only 57 km from Madrid , this wonder offers green and fascinating hiking routes to walk in peace and harmony.




What attracts me the most of this place is its warm-toned natural landscape.

The tall pine trees appear to be of a brighter brown at the top, and get darker at the bottom. This might be because of the sun inducing some sort of reaction over time, but please correct me if I am wrong.

Every weekend I thank the men that before me tracked the paths around these mountains.

Below you can find a map of the routes you can follow:


So far I have been on two of them: “El camino del agua”  and “La Calle Alta“.

El camino del agua (the blue one) takes you for a tour along short canals and back to Cercedilla  station. It walks incredible views over the city, which can be quietly appreciated at sunset time.



La Calle Alta instead opens up two different paths. One of those takes you up to the peak of the mountain , where you will enjoy breathtaking landscapes



I will soon explore the other part of La Calle Alta.